“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~ Carl Jung

Most of the presentations will be recorded and availible for 30 days for ticket holders to view. You can see the schedule here below.

Until we identify, befriend, and heal the shadows, we are trapped with them.

So much of the focus in healing is on where we want to go… The abundance and the light. But until we can acknowledge and release the unconscious and hidden fears that hold us back and haunt our subconscious, we will never be free.

Join: 54 International Speakers for 68 Presentations, Workshops and Play Spaces!
Reclaim Your Shadows and Step Into Your Light!
Classes run 24/7 for all time zones
Most are recorded and available for 30 days for you to enjoy!
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All the mantras, positive affirmations, and focusing on the positive outcomes in the world will not get us where we want to go if our subconscious is fighting us.

The conscious mind can only focus part of the time. The subconscious and our survival brain are running 24/7, paying attention to all the fears, limiting beliefs and worries we’ve stored over a lifetime.

All the mantras, positive affirmations, and focusing on the positive outcomes in the world will not get us where we want to go if our subconscious is fighting us.

The conscious mind can only focus part of the time. The subconscious and our survival brain are running 24/7, paying attention to all the fears, limiting beliefs and worries we’ve stored over a lifetime.

Many of these were developed during childhood and have inherent fears of being powerless and incapable of dealing with the unknown. Others were forged and reinforced from the pain and trauma of our lived experiences.

Don’t let these fears fester! That’s what happens when we push them down deep and ignore them. When we struggle to get by and avoid the awareness and pain that’s buried there.

Similar to holding a beachball underwater, the deeper we push down, the more of our focus and energy is tied into those fears.

The positive thoughts are only running when we think of them. The shadow runs all the time… silently in the powerful survival brain, hijacking our efforts, sabotaging our intentions and running especially amok when we get close to what we desire.

In order to heal yourself and your relationships, you have to become comfortable with your shadow side. This is your dark side, the part of yourself that you are unaware of, ashamed of or embarrassed about. It is fear, judgment, perfectionism, control, resentment, regret, guilt, anger, and greed.

Each of these is part of you and me. The reason we recognize these traits in others is that we have them in ourselves. We are projecting our qualities onto others.

Instead of denying our shadow side, we can become grateful for it. Why? Because doing so allows us to heal and grow. When we are ready to truly improve ourselves, we recognize that the person(s) or situation(s) upsetting us are actually mirroring what we need to heal within ourselves.

We can learn to love and reclaim our shadow self. Invite back the parts of us we lost and avoided. We become whole, complete, and release the conflict, self-doubt, and pain we’ve struggled with for decades!

In Shadows and Light Festival, we bring together guides who have danced in their shadow sides and are courageous and insightful at bringing your shadow and light together so you can be free.

• Our facilitators will show you how to identify these hidden parts of yourself and show you how to be loving and compassionate with yourself as you take a personal inventory.

• With honesty they will guide you to recognize your patterns.

• From that clarity about your hidden patterns, you will receive advice and support releasing them.

• You find a new level of love and joy.

• A new sense of purpose and empowerment and that inner conflict drops away.

• In this choose your own adventure, you can select from those selections that will take you deep into the shadows, then rest and play with the lighter side.

• Let go of perpetual perfectionism by acknowledging and sharing your deepest weakness, so it can become your greatest strength!

• Learn how sharing your journey, the triumphs, AND the pitfalls makes you relatable and ultimately helps you find your community and the people who resonate with you.

The shadow is not to be seen as something bad. Quite the opposite. It’s exactly what we need to embrace, love, and accept about ourselves in order to feel a deep authentic self-love. We’ve carefully selected those facilitators whom we know have walked the walk… And can help you reclaim and build relationships with your shadows. Which is where your power and passions are stored!

Everybody has a shadow side. No one is immune to it. It is how we survived any difficulties during our childhood and upbringing. It was brilliant of us as children to survive the way we did! We had so few resources, so little experience, and yet we found a way!

Now is our time to thank our younger selves for doing what they could, and then going back to offer them the healing and support they didn’t have back then!

Releasing our subconscious patterns and pains takes us to a new level of consciousness.

From that place, we are ready to step into our brightest light… Without the inner conflict, the fears requiring you to hold back to play small.

This entire Festival is there to help you find your patterns, the shadows running you behind the scenes so that you may step into your greatest joy and radiance.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. You’re playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

~ Marianne Williamson

Join us for:

• Presentations, experiential sessions, and tutorials devoted to you exploring your deepest angel and your darkest shadow.

• Kink, lightworker, sensations, archetypes, dancing, enjoy a long weekend of play of your choosing diving into all the aspects of yourself.

• This is an experiential Festival for the sensually adventurous.

• This special weekend welcomes ALL and is very gender friendly. We welcome people of all races, ages (please be over 21 to join us), sexual orientations, genders, sizes, and abilities.

• This is an invitation to dive deeply into yourself and each other in ways you may have been afraid to do in the past.

This festival runs from Thursday evening September 24th to Sunday evening September 27th, PACIFIC time. We will be releasing the schedule as we get closer to the event.

There will be presenters from all over the world, sharing diverse and powerful approaches to this work. They bring compassion, insight, and deep, powerful healing to the parts of us that most need it!

Most presentations will be recorded (the schedule will clearly show which ones are not). You will have 30 days after the event to watch and re-watch your favorites!

We have peer-emotional support during the festival and for 48 hours after the event ends to help you feel grounded and cared for during this powerful work.

Get your tickets today, and unearth all the power and passion you’ve buried by hiding from your shadows! Reclaim all of you!

To honor the challenges many are facing now, we have priced this festival to make it as accessible as possible while still compensating the amazing contributions of our facilitators and teachers.

The recommended contribution for this experience is $127, with tiered pricing at $97 for those who are struggling and $147 for those who can afford to pay forward their abundance and help others out.

If $97 is still out of your reach, please apply for a volunteer or non-volunteer partial or full scholarship.

Your purchase of the higher price allows us to offer more partial and full scholarships for those facing financial hardship. May your generosity and abundance come back to you many times over.

We have Volunteer positions available as well as non-Volunteer partial and full scholarships.

We also have some volunteer and non-volunteer scholarships available.

For volunteer scholarship, apply here.

For discounted tickets or non-volunteer scholarships, apply here.

Marginalized communities will be given first preference. Please apply early.

Here’s what people are saying about our last festival!

The Erotic Intimacy Festival brought together some of the best presenters the world of conscious sexuality has to offer. There was a mix of practical and emotional, science and spirit. Best of all, it felt wonderful to connect with so many open-hearted people from across the world! ~ Cypress Ishvari

This event was spectacular!! Fun and informative workshops and connecting will wonderful souls all over the world. This event caused me to do an immense amount of soul searching and ultimately, gave me a solid grasp of my intention of discovering a part of myself that’s been hidden from me for many years. ~ Michael Spence from Baltimore, Maryland

The amazing thing about online festivals is that you get international teachers of top quality, right into your own home! I have deeply enjoyed being part of this event, both as facilitator and participant. The organizers held it so lovely, with a lot of care towards inclusivity, consent, kindness, and depth of content offered. ~ Wilrieke Sophia

It’s wonderful to see an online event dedicated to gathering such a diverse group of teachers, attendees, and topics! And that I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my home to meet all these lovely humans! Bonus! An awesome, very well heal connecting experience. ~ Vikki Oriah

I appreciate a whole world of knowledge and embracing a subject that is both rich in what it has to offer while recognizing a lot of the sacredness of sex has been either suppressed or trivialized in our culture. I was grateful for the knowledge and integrity of the presenters. ~ S. Metro Boston

This festival of mini-workshops is an amazing opportunity to get a taste of the many offerings in the tantra & intimacy communities at your own pace in a safe zone from the comfort of your own home. 💗.~ Becky Gedutis

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Jump into Shadows and Light... Hear how you can make the most of the most of your time, what our guidelines are, and where you can find all the things to make your festival a success and let you shine!

Diving Deep like this can bring up a lot. Shadows and Light can be sometimes intense.

Some simple skills can let you regain your balance and have the confidence to walk and heal and reclaim and grown!

Learn simple and powerful tips on how to bring yourself down if you get triggered or spacy. These are useful when those around you get triggered as well.

We'll share insight into what happens in the brain and body when someone gets activated and the ways that can disrupt our connections and ease.

Using these approaches, you can learn more, stay grounded, and role-model for others how to get more out of life.

Enjoy playful and deeply fulfilling connections with old friends and delightful new people, setting the tone for connection and community throughout the Festival. Be gently guided in heart-centered exchanges that are nurturing and often energizing, filled with the blessings of deep presence and universal love. Amazing how much intimacy we've learned to create on Zoom with the help of mirror neurons‚ receiving what another gives while touching your own body lovingly. We share undulatory breath practices, soul gazing, sacred touch, erotic dance, and energy-moving breaths, all with boundaries and respect. Sensual, though not sexual, intimate and deeply moving, designed to see the divinity in each other and ourselves. You'll come to know a dozen or so people with enough depth to initiate connection throughout the weekend. Pleasure heals! evalenarose.com

Asking for what you want is hard. Most of us avoid doing so directly whenever we can. Sometimes we hope we get what we want, and sometimes we try to get it in other ways. The reasons we don't ask, and the things we do instead, contain important clues to what we really like, need and want. By looking at how and why we smuggle our desires (and why our loved ones do too), we can crack open a whole new world of relating, connection and getting what we want.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you got to choose the messages you were given about gender and sexuality? Together we will lift the gender veil, claim our truth, and support one another in authentic sexual alignment - above, beyond, and outside the socially constructed confines of gender, for fuck's sake!

An explorative and expansive talk on the evolution of queerness that will make you think and turn you on. What does it mean to be queer? What is queer theory? What do we mean when we say we are queering something? Embracing your queerness may be the key to discovering unconscious desires that go way beyond just sexuality and creating a life that is better than you could ever imagine. As an out an proud, non-binary, pansexual, polyamourous, ecosexual, sexworker, magician, Lux will share their "never ending" personal story of coming out and discuss why their choice to actively no longer assume anyone's sexuality or gender flipped their world inside out for the better.

ONLINE Love Your Inner Sadist We all have parts in us that we like less. They might feel violent, scary, overwhelming, nonconsensual, not decent. So we hide them. And with that, we hide parts of ourselves. Parts that would essentially make us more whole, powerful, present - and safe. Now how does that work? How can you inhabit those dark places from a safe and helpful place? Is there a way to safely get a taste of this? Join Wilrieke Sophia in this exploration of your inner sadist - or other hidden parts. Through inquiry, meditation, and sharing you are offered a tangible taste of what it is like to embody yourself even more.(Disclaimer: this workshop does explicitly not promote violence or any nonconsensual behavior.)

Culturally we have not reached a state of self-responsible adulthood yet. How can shadow work be the gateway to healing our collective attachment wound and break through into a new paradigm, leaving the victim, perpetrator rescuer triangle behind through attunement, safety, delight and affect regulation?

We will learn about the Shadow as a hidden blessing of the ancestral wisdom and support. "Touching the Jaguar" is the ancient shamanic practice which will give you the insights, experience and the keys to the new resources and new (old) gifts in your body-and-soul system. This ritual is an initiation into the power of your agency in the unpredictable times. It will help you the new ability to see in the darkness and to trust your purpose.

Just about everyone has experienced giving power away or having it taken from them. Often this comes with a feeling of being victimized and leads us into unhealthy and unconscious ways of trying to reclaim that power (perhaps taking it from someone else in turn). The energy from such experiences rattles about inside of us effecting our life either consciously or unconsciously and can prevent us from fully showing up as we would like. You are invited to join us for a talk and shamanic journey that culminates in a powerful practice that fully allows you to shift the paradigm around a situation, person, pattern or behavior that is ripe for change.

Before we can hope to offer real consent to others, we need some level of certainty in ourselves.  But after a lifetime in a world that shames, blames, or flat out tells-you-desire-is-not-yours-to-express, how do you gain confidence in your “yes”?  What happens when you’re a maybe?  Is a maybe always a no?


Through introspection, guided somatic experiencing, and dialogue we’ll work on helping you identify what “yes” and “no” feel like in your body, and what you can do if you feel uncertain.  We’ll be working our choice and boundary muscles in a low stakes environment to build personal confidence in our ability to navigate real-life desire dilemmas.  Discover your inner knowing and connect to others more deeply and authentically!

From the beginning of time, humans have used dance as a form of self-expression and celebration of life. In this workshop we will use movement, breath, and awareness to unlock and explore your erotic nature. Participants will learn the 5 core pelvic movements and 5 erotic expressions as methods for examining self imposed boundaries around sensual self expression. Movement practices will be taught in a standing position and adaptations for sitting postures will be provided.

How do you find the hidden shadows to reclaim them? How do you trace the lost map to your innermost lost self?

We'll guide you to discover and rediscover those parts of you that have been disowned, discarded and distained.

Learn a new approach that brings authentic and natural compassion and new understanding to the survival mechanisms that had you throw these parts overboard, and a gentle and very effective way to bring them back into your life as a powerful and creative aspect of you!

Much of the judgement we hold of ourselves has been programmed in from our earliest life experiences. Together we will journey in a guided meditation to reconnect to the body & use pleasure as a processing tool. Most of us have been taught that in order to overcome trials & difficulties we must experience pain. This practice will guide you through exploring both pleasure & pain as a healing source. Nudity optional. May include genital self exploration. Through self touch, somatic practice, dance, and guided awakening we will practice reconnecting with our own bodies & intuitive wisdom. With gentleness we can begin to explore our own fears & shame around our sexuality, how we love & speak to ourselves, asking for what we want and how to listen to our own bodies. I will be sharing several simple practices that will help you integrate your heart, body & mind. Learn to connect with your body & the wisdom within. Overcome past traumas, shame, guilt & self limiting beliefs and learn to reprogram YOURSELF.

This topic is going to be on how to cease the warfare in your mind, know peace and enter intimacy with Self. I’m going to be talking about how to step into a place of stillness and activate your joy within by releasing your mind. We’re going to be discussing “I am intimacy”, the beauty that comes from going deeper within the self, and how ultimately this deep reflection and healing of the self can impact the world around us! There will also be a meditation.

What's the price of NOT having difficult conversations in your life? What RESPONSIBILITIES come with talking about the elephant in the room (when no one else wants to)? Join sex and relationship geek, Reid Mihalko, for an interactive conversation about the price if you do and the price if you don't when it comes to Saying What You're Not Saying. Are you willing to pay the price?

Join Marla, Hema and Major Tom as they hold space and offer a dedicated time for BiPOC people to connect and share.

This space is for BiPOC people only (including volunteer support).

As a non-BiPOC person, have you been working to fight racism? Do you want a space to vent and get support and then learn some best practices for being anti-racist?

Monique and Cathy will hold space for the first hour for Allies to gather and share.

Hema will join us at the end and share how you can use your passion and compassion to better serve this critical effort. 

Are you curious to learn more about pleasure and sensuality? Sensual Wonderland will guide you on a journey of sensation exploration; where we are invited to discover and create new dialogues with our bodies. Offering you a series of exercises to try solo or with a partner, your senses are sure to be delighted.

7-step guide to get clear about what you want and get it at work & in bed; or more angle on how careers & relationships interrelate. I have many and can create a talk on lots of topics - what do you need? :)

Have you passed one of those "round number" birthdays and are noticing your body changing? Is it hard to feel as sexy and attractive as you once did?

Do you wonder how you will meet a compatible non-monogamous person: if you're married, in your age-group, with the body you have, with the disability you have, with the sexual issues and preferences you have, anywhere close to where you live, etc.

Sumati Sparks will show you how to OWN your goddess-given right to joy, intimacy, pleasure, play, sexual connection and love at any age and even in COVID-19 times!

In this virtual interactive playshop, you will learn how to create your ideal open relationship scenario as you mature in life. You will learn how to love your body as it ages, allow others to appreciate you and even how to change who you are attracted to! This playshop is for singles couples and polycules. Come with your partner(s) if they are physically with you.

Close your eyes and get comfy. Relax ... it's time for your mind to rest and your subconscious to activate. Allow yourself to be swept into the world of intentional story time and dream play. Follow the tale of a Princess, her Planet, and the Gremlin she must encounter to wake herself up from an imprisoned slumber. This rhythmic and rhymed fairytale is suitable for adults and children alike.

Our inner parts we abandon become to be our inner ugly monsters. Those monsters are stagnating our life journey and our grow in Love and relationships. Today we will learn how to overcome this internal polarization with the body wisdom and intelligence of your Heart, Pelvis and Spirit.

Your shadow does not exist to hurt you, but to show you where you are already hurting. We need to stop demonizing this wounded part of ourselves, if we are to truly heal and move on. We will have a frank conversation with plain language to support your understanding how what the shadow is, how it operates and how to integrate this very real aspect of yourself in a way where it is no longer a hindrance to your life, love and purpose, but could be the fuel. There is a reason we repeat patterns, no matter how many workshops have been attended. There is a lack of fundamental understanding of not only how the shadow works, but specific real world steps to bring it into alignment with the rest of your being. I will share my process and actionable steps to recognize the shadow at play and actually integrate these old patterns and wounds so you can move forward with your life versus remaining in the same harmful loop.

Have you ever avoided looking yourself in the eye in the mirror because you were afraid that you would hate who you saw? Have you felt that you are some kind of unlovable monster because of your sexual desires or fantasies? Have you been plagued by the idea that no one could ever truly love and accept you if you showed them your real self? If so, then this class is for you. In this class you'll have the opportunity to begin to eliminate fear, guilt, and shame around your identities and desires so you are empowered to create consensual, healthy, and loving relationships in ways that work for you and be able to have a healthy relationship with yourself!

We so often hide or suppress our dark sides. Pretending all is fine and happy smiles. This will be a playful session, where we will play and express the different energies. We will use breath, sound and movement. We are the masters of our own energy.  True life force is hidden behind the mask of pretending happiness. I'm gonna invite you to dive deep into what is really present. To connect to your darkness, your raw most pure you.I'm going to allow you to be ugly, nasty, raw and uncivilized.To show it all, and let it all out. We will start to play with different situations, calling in different moods. Playing and understanding how to shift from one to another. There is no more need to be afraid of the not so pretty side. Learn to embrace it, learn how to express it, so it doesn't hide itself inside your deeper layers, ready to release in an unexpected moment. You are the one in control. And by being in control, you can choose which emotions you like to express where and when. Fearless. The session includes: Emotional release tools Sensual Shakti Yoga  Embodying and anchoring the light force in you

Are you curious about polyamory, open relationships, and other forms of ethical non-monogamy? Have you ever wondered how people navigate feelings such as jealousy and insecurity? What about NRE (New Relationship Energy)? The world of ethical non-monogamy is not easy. Shadows lurk and often go left unchecked. When that happens, feelings and situations become more difficult to navigate, creating unhealthy dynamics that often leave people feeling stuck and hopeless. There's another way! Join experienced Poly-Coach, Laurie Ellington, as she shares her insight on how to create healthy and sustainable ethical non-monogamous relationships. Note: This workshop is not about attracting more lovers (although it may!). This workshop is about shining the light on some of the most common challenges people who practice ethical non-monogamy experience and learning effective ways to navigate them with more ease and grace. Regardless of what kind of relationship you are in (open, poly, swinger, monogamous, monogamish, anarchist, solo, single, etc), this play-shop will have something valuable for you! This will be highly interactive, with lively discussion, connection games, and take-home practices. Let's venture down the rabbit hole and let'ss come out on the other side feeling lighter, more empowered, and more aligned with our true nature.

Come play with your shadow patterns in love by writing your Shadow Dating Profile. Wouldn't it be grand if we outed our shadow at the beginning of a relationship? When we love our imperfections and reveal them to others in intimacy, our shadows can become our allies and greatest friends.

This training invites you to surrender to your unconscious deepest longings (the shadow) and radically approve, love and bring erotic energy to them. This is an advanced and pleasurable practice into deep and total SELF LOVE. The core of the practice relies upon using our sexual energy to to bring acceptance to the parts our ego judges as "bad". We will literally be making love and getting off to our shadows! It is one of the most potent and liberating practices out there. And is a magical awakening tool. It allows you to unblock yourself from manifesting what you want, by getting off on the things you don't like. Even though this is "shadow work" it is sexy, fun and releasing! It is common to experience great joy, insights, arousal, desire and laughter during the practice. A lot of emotion can be released feeling liberating and healing. All level of experience, genders, orientations, abilities welcome! This training is inspired by the work of Carolyn Elliot's: Existential Kink. Please note: if you are currently experiencing trauma or grief process, this workshop is not recommended.

Removing Disney from your relationship is synonymous with undoing the programming we have been taught since youth, that one person is supposed to supply everything you need in love and life! This is the single most detrimental belief system that holds us APART when we think it's the narrative that keeps us together. How ironic! This course will take the user on a journey into a world where New Earth has influenced us all, where we realize the importance of community and finally, FINALLY constructed a relationship paradigm that WORKS! Users will interactively be led into a Choice Paradigm where humans can choose other humans to love, based on need, desire, authenticity and truth!

S.H.I.P. is designed to assist individuals in learning how to embody shamanic consciousness by journeying beyond the limitations of ego identity, and shape-shift into sacred soul purpose. Learn about the 6 Shamanic Rites of Passage that support greater wholeness and integrity. Connect the elements with the personal transformation process. Discover the gifts of Shamanic Breathwork as a vehicle for transcending limiting aspects of oneself. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Step into your Ultimate holy body power with Rev. Goddess in this energetic development experience to expand into your shadow and light frequencies. Your wounds are your power not your curse! Join in community to access the all life source that is all around us and activate your personal source point within to merge your shadow wounded warrior with your pure light essence and radiate that throughout your holy body to manifest your divine birthright of prosperity on earth. We will create an energetic sacred space with sound, body movements and the Elemental Ho Chant for Alignment. In a fun and deep atmosphere we can allow ourselves to become transparent and appreciative. We will call back our souls, move into forgiveness and then develop a healthy body spirit consciousness. You will then learn how to anoint your body with the five fold kiss and unite your sex and spirit centers. We will bring in each frequency of our Shadow self and our Light Self through a chanting process to merge. You will walk away more aligned and available for the ongoing wisdom that will come from aligning your shadow / light for the highest purpose of living that is our birthright. Your sexual vibration is the fuel that can empower you instantaneously and continuously.

Shamanic Fusion Dance is a dance form developed by Anandha Ray which is aimed at healing through dance by accessing the subconscious mind. This practice is ideal for participants of all skill levels and body types. In this workshop, I will introduce Shamanic Fusion Dance and lead participants through a 45-minute journey of self-discovery as we dance through the 6 Body systems, from the most external to the most internal. This practice will cultivate in you the ability to move from a highly intuitive place and help you tune in to your own inner knowing. This journey will open up your energy channels and get your energy flowing so that you will be prepared to move all the energy that shadow work brings to the surface. We will close with a sharing circle where you can share your experiences. This will be a fully clothed workshop.

Positive thinking, manifestation and the law of attraction have become widely used buzzwords, particularly since the release of the book “The Secret”. But focusing on positive outcomes and thoughts are not the only keys to manifesting a better reality for yourself. Although it’s true that your thoughts shape your reality, there are many more factors that can help or hinder you on your manifestation journey. in this workshop, your will learn: - What manifestation is and how it works - How to use manifestation tools to live your best life - The common lies and misconceptions about manifestation - The truth about what’s blocking you from getting what you truly desire - How the matrix of co-creation actually functions

Through our endless experiences, we are shaped by our parents, education, peers, and media. We are told what we should and shouldn't want even if our souls yearn for it. Creating shame and fears that don't serve us. We learn to say "NO" to our desires and push them away. I'm going to share my journey and outcome of shedding the conditioned NO into trusting my YES and allowing my life to be exactly what I dreamed!

Why are so many people with disabilities kinky? Why are we attracted to pain? What are some of the better practices for accommodating certain disabilities in kinky play? This workshop uses neuroscience, psychology, medical science, kinesiology, and more to answer these and other questions while providing a heavy emphasis on risk awareness prior, during, and after play. Pre-scene screening questions for potential partners are provided, as are multiple adaptations and accommodations for several disabilities, including chronic pain.

Starting with the end in mind, we'll do a meditation out of Stephen Covey's book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and explore our own mortality. We'll look at the idea of death and reframe it as our greatest teacher.

People are afraid of aging. They are afraid they will dry up and not be able to have great sex any more OR they will be old and ugly, undesirable. This talk will show them how sex keeps people healthy, happy and gracefully aging, even a preventive measure for aging. How sex magic can be used to extend life! Lots of important facts. This is a slide show presentation.

You were just getting good at our safer sex talk, then COVID-19 hit. Now what? Join creator of the Safer Sex Elevator Speech, Reid Mihalko of ReidAboutSex.com, for a humorous and intimate conversation about glory holes, creating your "germ bubble" navigating mismatched pandemic needs, what "wearing protection" means in 2020, harm reduction approaches, and how to talk about all of them with yourself and with loved ones!

There is a part of us that likes to take revenge, be petty, or want to hurt the ones we love, but we refrain from doing it because we've learned that hurting someone we love is not appropriate and not a symbol of love. In this workshop, you'll start the journey of unlearning that. You will learn how to embrace your inner sadist by practicing sensual kink on the ones you love to show you the ways that you can hurt without harm and fulfill your dark sensual desires. This is a practice class; no partner needed, but it is encouraged.

In the time of COVID-19, how are we supposed to flirt, date, and boink when everything seems surrounded by chaos and panic? Join sex and relationship geek, Reid Mihalko of ReidAboutSex.com for a humorous, informative, and interactive workshop that will shed light on mistakes to avoid and what to lean into when it comes to flirting over technology, giving kick-ass "virtual date," and knocking off your lover's socks when you're not in the same room!

Men are just supposed to know! Men fake their knowledge. Women fake orgasms! Men have not been taught nor do they talk about sex. It's assumed that they know. And as it turns out they are the last to sign up for training. How does this work for them? Not very well.

Have you ever wondered what your personality type is? How does your past trauma affect how you behave? How do you deal with a partner or colleague’s behavior when one or both of you are under stress? If any of these questions intrigue and interest you, this workshop will provide some insights and actionable tools for you to use in your every day life. Based on Kessler's 5 Personality Patterns, you will learn: What your personality pattern is How past traumas have affected your behavior pattern How the key people in your life behave when under stress The light and dark sides of your personality type Tools to shift your behavior This workshop will be mostly experiential in nature.

Remember seven minutes in heaven, the awkward teenage party game where you get shoved in the closet with a random person who you may or may not have wanted to make out with? Well, this is not that. We'll start with the Icebreaker web app for fun, deep, and possibly even sexy 1-on-1 conversation before the main party gets started in Zoom —because as everyone knows, more connection is the main ingredient for scorching hot parties. The evening will feature: A 45 minute connection session in Icebreaker starting at 7:30pm SHARP! Arrive 5 minutes early! Doors open at 8:45pm Doors close for Opening Circle at 9pm. Performance and a facilitated "Meet" Market Multiple Zoom rooms for your entertainment and participation: ~ The Play Space - for delicious sexy activities ~ The Game Room - a place where one person will facilitate a game you can jump into anytime. ~ Angels on Call - for emotional and social support

Would you like to holistically integrate your mind and body? Are you stretched thin by gender typing and/or societal expectations? Would you like to feel joy in your spectrum from light through shadow? This workshop engages cultural dualism head-on for a proactive path toward healing. Western binary language and actions are rooted in mind-body dualism; that split physiology and emotions without a health way to integrate them. 'Abraxis' as a way to re-integrate our whole being. As an androgenous sensual educator, I teach balance between the ‘light’ and ‘dark’, playful existance beyond the binary gendering of 'masculine' and 'feminine', and how to continually nourish the our whole selves each day. Dualism has its appropriate place in the learning process. But, as we are fluid and complex creatures with shifting desires in each moment and with each touch, I hope that we can evolve to find the truth and forms of existence that will support each of us to thrive as unique individuals. We will explore a series of sensual rituals and endeavor to create pathways to help you be present and enraptured you in the full spectrum of what who you are and what you desire.

Normalizing depression and taking away shame for high-functioning depression. Supporting people like me to not hide and suffer on their own. Tips to make the most of the hole and ways to be with it and perhaps walk around the hole. Personally, this is also much my coming out in a bigger way :)

Description: Shadow-work can be the most profound path towards transformation and evolution of consciousness. However, it requires a profound experience of safety within our bodies to be able to do this work. 
If this is in place, we can meet our ultimate shadow projection: the externalization of our inner parent. 

With awareness, we can use the Enneagram personality, and its levels of development, to transform the Dark to Light. The Enneagram gives us a useful typology and structure of nine interconnected personality types. Here is an example of the Continuum of the Levels of Development: Healthy Level 1: The Level of Liberation Level 2: The Level of Psychological Capacity Level 3: The Level of Social Value Average Level 4: The Level of Imbalance/ Social Role Level 5: The Level of Interpersonal Control Level 6: The Level of Overcompensation Unhealthy Level 7: The Level of Violation Level 8: The Level of Obsession and Compulsion Level 9: The Level of Pathological Destructiveness

Sensual Shakti Yoga is a combination of breath, movement and sound. The movements are slow and ecstatic. to help you (re)connect with your sensuality with the receptive energy (yin) that is within all of us Doing, controlling, all action is very yang, a very active energy. This Sensual Shakti yoga is the yoga of surrender of softening and connecting with your pleasure. Sound: By toning the voice, learning how to express without words. Breath, specially with the exhale to relax, to release, to let go. Movements: gentle stretches, gentle yoga asanas, we move slow and ecstatic with the breath and with soundIMG_6748 We will use different breathing technics: the orgasmic breath and the connected breath, the 20 connected breath. But most of all we will move very slowly.You will feel so sensual, so soft, so relaxed. It relaxes the nervous system and also your system on all levels. Maybe you will encounter shame, fear, resistance, angriness on the way and that is okay, all emotions are welcome, connecting back to your flow, feeling the kundalini Shakti energy, like a serpent, like a snake moving through your body! Time to embrace pleasure. Time to let pleasure be your guide.

Your sexual story begins when you are very young, but you are rarely encouraged to dwell on it, let alone share it. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Many of us are shamed into hiding this rich history from even ourselves, urged not to think about it much less talk about it. But your sexual story is vital. It's woven into the fabric of your life, and deserves to be explored and acknowledged. Doing so within a brave space that allows you to mourn or celebrate your stories helps you shed shame, recognize patterns, and embrace the experiences that have made you who you are. Your story is integral to who you are and how you move in the world. Understanding your sexual story, and how it relates to your larger life story, is a brave undertaking that can reap rewards in all areas of your life but, especially, in how you experience pleasure. In this talk, I'll walk you through a process for discovering your own sexual stories, including real-life examples of how the process can help you move from the Shadows and into the Light.

Final Arrangement Preparedness For Everything From Non-Monogamy to Sex Work

What stories around money have you adopted through your life? Where are you not standing in full, deserving abundance in your life? Are you ready to break through? As a teenager I cleaned motel rooms and now I've made well over a million dollars running my own heart-felt social business as a global Speaker, Author and Coach. How did I step into this abundance? How did I become confident enough to charge $10K+ for ~1 hour of my time? I worked with my shadow around money and my relationship to abundance... we will explore exactly that in this workshop!

Do you love money? Hate Money? Do you love your sexual expression? Hate your sexual expression? Have a complicated relationship with both? How are these two related? Come explore the taboo and erotically charged topics of sex and money and how you can harness the creative fire of unlocking your life force in both areas.

Sexuality is the key to our creativity and the life force within us. To be in right relationship with our sexuality, including our body, our desire, our pleasure, our love and our erotic nature is key to being our most joyfully expressed self. When we have experienced unhealed shame, guilt, negativity, harsh judgments or trauma about our sexuality, it will eat away at us inside and adversely impact or harm our relationships. In order to be in our fully expressed sexual selves we get to bring the things we have put into shadow out into the light and heal them. Until we take them out and look at and discover what we are meant to learn from them, they will continue to eat away at us and prevent us from living our most vibrant life. Using the four quadrants and archetypes of lover, warrior, magician and sovereign, this workshop will explore what our sexual shadows are, how they manifest in our bodies, our sex and our relationships, and include a ritual process for healing them.

Kenya and Rakhe Seku

English has developed over time in warring cultures that utilize the language as part of their arsenal. This has to be rectified in order for us to shift racism, sexism, any ISM - and mostly Ego-Ism. This course will take you on an UPLVLed journey into a language of Peace, what that looks like. This takes us beyond Non-Violent COmmunication in that it allows for the expression of Ego and Animal, without seeing expression of such as 'violent'. You have to see this to believe it.

Many of our subconscious beliefs around what is appropriate or inappropriate in regards to sexual self expression were informed by the social and relational environment we grew up in. These subconscious beliefs may limit our ability as adults to fully experience and express sexual pleasure and desire.The sexual self-awareness practice allows you to gain insight into which attitudes and belief systems are currently blocking you from experiencing your full potential for pleasure, while providing playful strategies for connecting with and embodying your erotic essence.

When it comes to sex, we receive a metric ton of messages about what we SHOULD want, what we SHOULD enjoy, and how we SHOULD respond: based on gender, age, body size, race, religion, etc. Social conditioning is like oxygen – it fills every breath we take, yet we’re rarely aware of it. It follows us into the bedroom and either enables or sabotages every sexual interaction we have. It often leaves us feeling disconnected and dissatisfied because we're following someone else's script, rather than tapping into our ACTUAL desires. It's time to call that hidden conditioning into the light for examination. We'll look at some of the places where SHOULDs creep in, the ways they cause us to question ourselves, and entry points for recalibrating our systems to embrace what we truly desire. PLEASE NOTE: This presentation will talk about how you were socialized based on the gender that was assumed for you as a child, regardless of your current lived gender. Thus, information presented about "people socialized as little girls" will be equally relevant to cisgender women, trans men, and AFAB-NB, and vice versa for "people socialized as little boys."

When a recent online site, frequented by progressives, offered space for them to openly discuss their experience with interracial love (including their own families)the shocking amount of racist indoctrination revealed, was a blatant reminder of how deeply we push down that shadow aspect of self, and how truly important it is, in this forever changed world, to boldly go there. Often in my work with individuals, groups, and couples, I find that those who consider themselves "beyond the need" to authentically learn about how what they do is different from woke-ness, even when they "see all people the same" or, "work with awareness" or, identify themselves as "non-political". Some even carry placards, or post copious photos, showing their "support", having missed the most important aspect of diversity: Intimacy. Pleasure and Diversity are ancient insatiable lovers, eternally intertwined in the experience of deepest intimacy. Many failed racially and/or culturally diverse relationships have sacrificed intimacy, at the same moment they settled for "equal". This class takes us all on a journey to discovery, healing and transformation of our beautiful shadows, loving even their forms, misshapen by guilt, shame, notions of privilege and societal system racism. What light can be found in this deep darkness? We will all be given a rare gift, the chance to truly experience and hold sacred loving space for another's own self-identifying authenticity ( as they see themselves, their identity, and their own culture and/or racial experience )and in the process, know purpose and clarity anew--by and expanding into the true secrets found within the juiciness of being "Woke" in diverse intimate relationship--not a galaxy far, far, away, but within. The World has changed forever. Now, you can too. All Questions are Welcome.

This introductory talk provides practical concepts you need to stalk and work with your shadow in everyday life, wherever you are on your personal journey.

This work will help you shine light on shadow and bringing awareness to reclaim power. "The only path to resolving the shadow, is diving consciously into it, shining light on its core, processing the emotions surrounding it, and learning to befriend and transform it into an ally." ~ Frank Mondeose

Working through sexual trauma is deep continuous work. A powerful tool for healing is manifestation; and when combined with ritual, crystals, or other elements of nature, manifestation can amplify positivity. Working with the natural beauty around us, not only grounds us, but aids in raising our vibration allowing healing to occur. This is an interactive workshop with time for Q&A at the end.

We come together to wrap up the festival, offer you last-minute advice, and help you ground and integrate all you learned.

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