Rainbow Chen is a seasoned career and life coach who supports Ivy Leaguers to get off their parents’ couches and into their dream jobs and relationships…in 4 sessions or less! Rainbow loves helping clients get clear about what they want and confidently get it‚Ķin the boardroom and the bedroom.

Rainbow Chen offers actionable career and life strategies to enable you to discover your passions & realize your dreams. She loves facilitating groups and supporting clients to help you connect to yourself and to others for a meaningful life where you work with purpose, live with intention, and play full-out. Rainbow inspires others to create and follow their own definition of success and fulfillment, as exemplified in her unique career which includes consulting, internet marketing, HR, and nonprofits training, as well as teaching career management and coaching. Her wide offerings reflect her Stanford BA in Human Biology and MA in Organizational Behavior, coaching certifications, diverse business background, and teaching career management at Cal, Mills College, and Stanford Graduate School of Business for 8 years.

Rainbow is happiest co-creating in community, dancing hula, performing in choir, sharing hugs, or meditating in nature.

Rainbow Chen9/25 Friday 11:45 pm to 12:45 amBoardroom & the Bedroom: Ask for What You Want and get it at work and at play
Rainbow Chen9/26 Saturday 11:45 pm to 12:45 amHiding In My Hole and Only a Few People Know
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